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Terre Haute, Indiana

Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church. Terre Haute, IN - hymnal racks by John F. Rodeman

Emilia & sons Wayne and Floyd Rodeman.

Wayne & Floyd. 429 S. 18th St. Terre Haute, IN

Wayne, Floyd and Emelia Rodeman

Wayne & Floyd with Tyke

South 18th Street

Mildred, Wayne, Donna & Floyd Rodeman on the back porch

Donna & Ron

Wayne, Mabel Ramer, Floyd, Harry Ramer

Georgia, Harry with Kathleen

Mildred Rodeman & Harry Ramer

Donna & Floyd Rodeman

Emelia and John F. Rodeman

Wayne Rodeman 1943

Terre Haute, IN. - Louise Marie Kuester Schaffstein, Emelia Schaffstein Rodeman, John F. Rodeman & Donald W. Rodeman@13 mo.

Mr & Mrs Wayne Rodeman. 1988

Wedding. Mr. & Mrs. Wayne A. Rodeman Dec. 31, 1939 in Indianapolis

Class of 1928. Wayne A. Rodeman, Terre Haute, IN

Schaffstein Reunion. 1993 Evansville Indiana. Names.


Austin, Indiana

Austin, Indiana. - Mildred, Robert, Wayne, Marjorie, Donald Ward & Florence Marshall Tudor Ward, seated.

Austin, Indiana retirement. - Florence Marshall Tudor Ward and Donald Ward - May 1960

Marjorie Tudor.

Austin, IN Mildred , Robert, Marjorie

Donald Ward Sr.


Patsy, Majorie, Florence & Skippy in Austin

Pete, Patsy, Roy & Don. Columbus, IN

Madison, Indiana

William C. Marshall Family. about 1897 in Smyrna Township?, Jefferson County, Indiana

Rev. William C. Marshall Baptism

Rev. W. C. Marshall & wife Anna.

W. C. Marshall.

Donald W. Rodeman. Genealogist, Smyrna Township, Jefferson County, Indiana

SuEllen. Jefferson County, IN

Kokomo, Indiana

Don & Jean Rodeman. June 1967 West Lafayette, IN

Little Suzy

Suzy Rodeman.

John, Scott & Craig.

Uncle Nick. 1996 visit to Kokomo, IN

John at the Michigan race


Scottsburg, IN Ova Ward, Don, & Don Ward Jr.

Anton Schaffstein's Communion



Plymouth Rock, Mass. 1942 - Mildred & Wayne Rodeman with Donnie

1985 -- Jean, Suzy, Don & John Rodeman-- identical spot, forty three years later.

Woodson & Sallie Tudor before 1880


Rodemann house at Number 22 Rothenuffeln Road, Bergkirchen, Germany

Bergkirchen Church

Plaque to Bergkirchen Church, Bergkirchen, Germany

Town limits

Kaiser Wilhelm II 1898 at Bergkirchen, Germany


High Tea Gathering Singapore October 2003

Singapore Sling Raffles Hotel



Do you know these people in Madison and Austin, Indiana?

Do you know these people in Evansville and Terre Haute, Indiana?

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